The Traje de Berberisca: an Encoded Dress

An Ethnological Study of the Bridal Dress of Moroccan Jews also called Keswa el K’bira (Arabic)  or Traje de Berberisca (Spanish), this article first appeared in  It is an exploration of Moroccan Jewish bridal customs and of the signs and symbols of this traditional dress.


5 thoughts on “The Traje de Berberisca: an Encoded Dress

  1. was this dress worn only in the Spanish speaking places in Morocco like Tangier, or was it also work in Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains, which my family comes from?

      • Thanks Yeal, I indeed checked with other older Moroccan Jews and even younger ones who still live in Morocca today from Marrakesh and Casablanca and they were all familiar with the keswa el kbira. Your article was extremely fascinating keep up the great work, I love to research Judeo Morocca and have traveled to Morocco several times

  2. Hi Yaell, I was interested in purchasing a berberisca dress because I am interested in continuing this Moroccan tradition, and I god willing will be getting married next august, I looked into several people who sell it and they all charge 4000 or more dollars, I can rent it for 400, but do you know of anyone who sells this dress for a reasonable price? Your article inspired me so much to continue this minhag

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